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Police entrapment occurs when a law enforcement officer forces or tricks someone into doing something he or she would have not otherwise done. Our attorneys can identify if police entrapment is a viable defense strategy in your case and ultimately seek to have the charges against you dropped.

The Bigney Law Firm, located in Orlando, Florida, has extensive knowledge of police entrapment strategies. By looking at the specific facts of your case, we can determine if you were tricked into committing a crime. Do not wait to call us today at 407-792-2923 or contact us online to schedule your free initial consultation.

What Are Some Examples of Police Entrapment?

Police entrapment defenses can arise in virtually all crimes. However, the issue often involves drug crimes and sex crimes, including solicitation of prostitution and traveling to meet a minor. Law enforcement can use various tactics to coerce, trick or persuade an individual into committing a crime.

The Bigney Law Firm will determine if any of the following existed before or during the commission of the crime:

  • Pressure: Were you pressured into committing the crime? For example, were you pressured into getting drugs for a friend who was working with law enforcement as an informant?
  • Harassment or threats: Were you harassed or threatened into committing the crime? For example, were you told that if you did not do it, you would face consequences such as being arrested or beat up?
  • Fraud: Did fraud play a role in your commission of the crime? For example, was it suggested to you that what you were going to do was legal?

If it can be proven that a police officer or other law enforcement authority used unlawful tactics to get you to commit a crime, the charges against you can be dropped.

Orange County Lawyers Who Know When to Use the Criminal Luring Defense Strategy

Police entrapment can place good people in bad situations. To start fighting the criminal charges against you, schedule a free consultation with an attorney at The Bigney Law Firm. You can call 407-792-2923 any time of the day or night, or contact us online. For your convenience, we are located in downtown Orlando, Florida, one block behind the Orange County Courthouse. Se habla Español.

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