Standard Conditions of Probation


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When the courts impose probation or community control as a sanction, the probationer is bound by standard conditions of probation. Some of the standard conditions of probation are as follows:

  • Report to probation as directed
  • Permit supervisors to visit him or her at his or her home or elsewhere
  • Work faithfully at suitable employment insofar as may be possible
  • Remain within a specified place
  • Make restitution (if ordered)
  • Support his or her legal dependents
  • Not associate with persons engaged in a criminal act
  • Submit to random drug testing
  • Prohibition from possessing or carrying a firearm

Often the courts impose additional special conditions of probation. These special conditions of probation often depend on what the criminal charge is and typically include one or more of the following:

  • Community service hours
  • Drug evaluation
  • Drug treatment (residential or out-patient)
  • Impulse control class (theft cases)
  • Anger management class
  • Batterers' intervention class (domestic violence cases)

Violating any of these standard conditions or special conditions of probation is commonly called a "technical violation" and will most often result in a violation of probation being filed and the probationer getting arrested on a no-bond warrant.

A person can also be violated for a "substantive violation," which is essentially being violated for getting arrested for a new offense while on probation. This too will result in a no-bond warrant.

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