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Drug trafficking is different from the sale and delivery of drugs in that you do not have to be caught selling drugs. Drug trafficking charges are strictly based on the amount of drugs that you actually or constructively possess. You can be charged with drug trafficking if you have:

  • More than 25 pounds of marijuana or 300 or more marijuana plants
  • 28 or more grams of cocaine
  • Four or more grams of heroin, morphine, opium, oxycodone or hydrocodone

You can be charged with conspiracy to commit drug trafficking even if you never were in possession of a drug. Police will use confidential informants to contact you to find a source for drugs. By simply giving the confidential informant the name of a potential source for drugs, the state can claim that you are part of the drug trafficking conspiracy, and you could face the same penalties as the person actually doing the drug deal. All drug trafficking charges are first-degree felonies in Florida, some punishable by up to life in prison. If you are convicted of trafficking in heroin, you are subject to a mandatory minimum sentence of 25 years in prison.

If you are charged with drug trafficking, police may also seize your personal assets such as cash, vehicles and houses if the property can be linked to drug trafficking.

Defenses in Drug Trafficking Charges

Defenses in drug trafficking cases begin with your initial contact with police. Some of the things that we look for are those that can aid in the development of your defense include such things as the following. If the drugs were in your vehicle, did the police have a legal reason to pull you over and search the car? If the drugs were in your home, did the police have a valid search warrant or other legal reason to be in the house? If the police search you, your car or your house without legal justification, the courts may throw out all the evidence obtained from the illegal search; ultimately causing the state to drop the charges against you.

The weaker the link between you and the drugs, the more bargaining leverage your lawyer will have. For example, if the drugs were found in the trunk of a vehicle and there was more than one person in the vehicle, the state has to overcome every reasonable hypothesis of innocence in order to obtain a conviction. This is an extremely high burden of proof, often too high of a burden for the state to meet. It's vitally important for you hire a defense lawyer as soon as possible and not to give any statement to police.

Learn more about illegal search and seizure.

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Drug Charges

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