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The Bigney Law Firm is a full-service criminal defense and personal injury firm specializing in aggressive defense strategies for people faced with legal issues.


Your Defense In Criminal Charges & Personal Injury Cases in Florida.

No case is too large or too small for The Bigney Law Firm. When your reputation and future are at stake, there is no such thing as a minor criminal charge, or a peronal injury case too small. Our lawyers provide every client with the same level of determined advocacy, whether you face misdemeanor charges, a serious felony, or require an attorney to aggresively defend your personal injury matters.

Our ability to respond quickly and always keep our clients informed as thier case progresses, is one of the greatest strengths of The Bigney Law Firm.

Our lawyers work hard to stay up to date on changes in the law in order to provide you with the most effective defense possible. When you hire the lawyers of The Bigney Law Firm, you know that you have done everything you can to defend yourself or your loved one against false allegations, unfair treatment, and overzealous police and prosecutors.

David Bigney has nearly 30 years of criminal defense experience. Viewed by his peers as one of central Florida's predominant trial lawyers, David has successfully defended all types of criminal defendants accross central Florida in cases ranging from resisting an officer to first degree murder. David Bigney works every case with the same level of importance from start to finish.

Jason Bankowitz served as an assistant state attorney for the first four years of his career. Jason was designated as a specialist in both DUI and domestic violence cases, as well as being the primary prosecutor for Osceola, Florida. His experience as a prosecutor works to your advantage, as he has the ability to evaluate a case and anticipate arguments from both a prosecution and a defense point of view.


To be a dynamic, client-focused, legal service organization oriented toward growth and recognized for excellence. To create measurable value for our clients in meeting and exceeding their legal service needs through a unique application of innovative, consistent, and dependable services.


Become the top go to law firm in every market we serve and have both the strengths of a big firm combined with the leanness and agility of a small firm.

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