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Our client was charged with lewd and lascivious molestation (victim less than 16-years-old). During the deposition of the alleged victim, I was able to get her to admit that our client may have been play wrestling with her rather than making sexual advances toward her. Result: The charge was reduced to a misdemeanor battery: no conviction, no jail and no probation.


Our client was charged with 61 counts of possession of child pornography for images that were found on his computer. At trial, I showed the jury that one of our client’s roommates had equal access to the computer. Result: Not Guilty on all 61 counts.




Our client was charged with trafficking in cocaine with a weapon and several other charges as a result of his house being searched on a search warrant. The drugs were found in our client’s bedroom. Result: The charges were reduced to a possession of cocaine: no conviction, no jail and no probation.


After crashing his car into a house, our client was arrested for DUI. The media got called out to cover the story and fortunately videotaped the DUI investigation. We subpoenaed the news videos which showed close-ups of the client as he did the field sobriety exercises. The videos showed that the police officer inaccurately reported that our client failed the sobriety exercises when he actually performed them perfectly. Result: The State reduced the charge to a non alcohol related reckless driving.


Our client was charged with a DUI. We did a motion to suppress, arguing that the police did not have reasonable suspicion to believe that our client was under the influence and therefore should not have asked our client to do field sobriety exercises. The Court agreed that the police had no reasonable suspicion that our client was impaired and excluded all the evidence from the DUI investigation. Result: The State dropped the charge.


Our client submitted to a urine test on his second DUI. The urine test showed that he had consumed xanax prior to driving. We hired a toxicologist as an expert witness who was to testify that the xanax was likely taken 12-48 hours prior to the client driving and therefore he was not under the influence of his prescription drug at the time he was arrested. The state had no expert witness to contradict our toxicologist. Result: The state dropped the charge.


Our client was arrested for DUI. His breath results were .222 and .225. We were able to get the breath results excluded from evidence. Our client’s case went to trial. Results: Not Guilty.


Our client was charged with culpable negligence causing serious injury as a result of a baby being shot in the head by another child with a pellet gun that belonged to our client. Our client wanted to go to trial. Result: The State dropped the charges on the day of the trial.


Our client was charged with attempted first degree murder. The victim had told the police that he saw the client shoot him. At deposition, we discovered that the victim was angry with our client over a money dispute and that the victim did not see our client that night, but had only heard that our client was in the area at the time of the shooting. Result: The State dropped the charge.


Our client was charged with five counts including two counts of robbery with a firearm. She was with three other people at the time of the robberies. Through the discovery process, we learned that the police report inaccurately indicated her involvement in the crimes. Two of her co-defendants were all sentenced to prison for 4 to 10 years and the third is awaiting trial. Result: The State dropped all charges.


Our client is a police officer who was charged with aggravated battery and felony battery. He was accused of using excessive force on a suspect that was resisting arrest. Result: Not Guilty on all counts.


Our client was charged with resisting an officer without violence. The police had come to her house to arrest her mother on a warrant. The police officer accused her of lifting up a picture frame and aggressively coming at him with the frame. At trial, we showed the jury that the incident did not happen as the police officer had testified. Result: Not Guilty.


Our client was charged with resisting an officer without violence for allegedly disobeying a lawful command from a police officer during an investigation. This incident happened at a 24-hour convenience store at about 3:00 a.m. At trial, we showed the jury that the officer only did half of an investigation and failed to request a surveillance video tape of the incident from the convenience store and failed to interview the store clerk who witnessed the arrest. Result: Not Guilty.

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