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Prosecutors Drop Manslaughter Charge Against Orlando Officer Indicted In 2018 Shooting


Nine days after an Orlando police officer was indicted on a manslaughter charge in a 2018 fatal shooting, prosecutors on Friday dropped the case, citing doubts that they could convict him.

Officer Anthony Wongshue was arrested May 16 following an indictment by a grand jury in the shooting death of 32-year-old Juan Silva in the parking lot of an Orlando shopping plaza.

On Friday, the Orange-Osceola State Attorney’s Office said in an emailed statement it had “reviewed all pertinent evidence in the case, weighed our options and has decided against prosecuting Officer Wongshue.”

Defense attorney David Bigney, who was representing Wongshue in the case, said he felt “very strongly” from the start that Wongshue shouldn’t have been charged. The officer is likely “elated” by prosecutors’ decision, he said.

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